Sonntag, 15. April 2012

EUROPOLY!... (Doku)

Europoly - NuoViso

Europoly is the english subtiteled version of the german documentary "Des Wahnsinns fetteste Beute"

feat. Prof. Dr Wilhelm Hankel, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hamer, Christoph Hörstel, Carlos A. Gebauer u.a.

The Lisbon Treaty is already clearly breaking the Basic Constitutional Law of Germany, as the people never voted on it...

The rescue package is now violating the Lisbon Treaty,
where there is clearly stated that no state has to be liable for another state.
Now the Bundestag decided that the Treaty, which violated the Basic Law,
is also no longer valid and the Federal Court has given its blessing to this.
So the basic order constituted in the Basic (Constitutional) Law is no longer existing.

A film by Frank Höfer

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